Take your photography to the next level with a smartphone gadget

that unleashes your camera’s power.

DSLR Your Smartphone

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From the magazines to Instagram, more and more photographers are using smartphones as their primary cameras.  Problem is, phones are made for the mass public, and so, they’re limited on the advanced features that give you more control.

Pictar Pro solves this and more with a solid metal grip that steadies shots and a variety of versatile control right where you need it. Plus, an app that fills in the rest of the advanced features serious photographers and videographers need.

Smartphones are the New Professional Cameras.

Multi-fit ratchet system multiple models usage

Fits iPhone and Android

Satin-finish brass body

DSLR-like controls

Internal battery / wireless charger for your phone

Real shutter release button

Rocker zoom switch

“Shark skin” grip

Feature list

Manual Focus 

White Balance

Exposure Compensation

9 Pre-Set Modes: Manual, Shutter Priority, Macro, Sport, Video, Selfie, Auto, Filters

Lots of Advanced Video Features (Like modifiable zoom rates and adjustable frame rates)

Horizon Indicator - So you know when your shot is leveled

Advanced Files - Save your shots as TIFF, JPG, or RAW files

Histogram - Take a look at all the lighting details behind a shot

Plus, features to make your day easier:

Precise control of more aspects of your shots:

We’re a team of obsessed makers for photography. 

We’ve dedicated the last 5 years to developing and selling bags,

cases, gadgets, and accessories to help photographers and videographers take their work to the next level.

The Pictar Pro is the pro version of our bestselling Pictar, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and delivered to all our backers in early 2017.

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Now LIVE on Indiegogo

Now LIVE on Indiegogo

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